Friday, March 11, 2005


Tomorrow, Not Today!

Tomorrow is a big day for us.
Firstly Miranda has riding lessons and I am trying to work out a short trial ride for Jade (provided I can convince hubby)
Then it is preparation for Jade's party, almost 3 months past her actual birthday.
Jade's actual birthday is the day after Christmas and it is a terrible time of year to get her friends together for a party, so we organise a party for her a few months down the track, when everyone is settled into school and into life. As was the case last year, the party falls close to easter.
So far, she has 6 friends coming and her three sisters, and her aunty also. It should be fun.
The games we will be playing are :
  • fishing (a magnet on the end of a 'fishing rod' has to pick up a paper fish with a paperclip on it.)
  • pass the parcel (an all time favourite)
  • pop the balloon (there will be minties inside these and this game will be done after the fishing game)
  • easter egg hunt (I got this idea from a party she just went to recently)
  • put the nose on the clown
  • kick the soccer goal (as an extra if needed, and the weather is fine)
There will be a dolphin shaped cake, marshmallows, chips, cheezles, dinosaur lollies, jelly beans, octopus sausages (mini hot dogs cut in half then slit to about half way up, 4 times) and cordial

After this my sis and her friend will stay for dinner, as will some other friends of ours. We will be bbqing a whole salmon and having (maybe not this time) prawn cutlets. I got these on special.
Well I better stop now and get things out of the freezer, draw up my cake plans and tidy up the patio.

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