Sunday, April 24, 2005



I am in New Zealand, chilled by the cold wind, warmed by the heaters and worn out from the move and an extra clingy baby.
Lots of pics for later, time to go and do some stuff.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005


The Move

Has started.

Not sure when I will be back on this thing, so I will say "Seeya in May" incase I do not get back on before we head on holidays.

Monday, April 11, 2005


4 Helpers & Only 1 Worker

That about sums up packing in this house.
Trying to get the kids to give a helping hand is like trying to push a potato through a seive. Possible but very hard. And no, I am not grating them first.
I doubt everything will be packed by tomorrow now, but it is mostly done. The dishwasher has decided to be 'noisy' so I think something is going wrong there. This will be the last load in it. It is still working properly though.
The weather has been better, there has been rain followed by drizzle with intermitent spots of sunshine. Occassionally it is enough to get the washing dry (we don't own a dryer as it isn't really necessary here in sunny Queensland). So we have loads of unwashed and desperately needing washing clothes. At least I did get 2 loads done today, now let us hope the weather stays fine long enough for them to dry and then for me to get them in off the line.
Erin and Merc are still fighting over the foot spa (who gets to sit in it). Miranda is bored even though i have let her play with her friend this arvo, watch cartoons throughout the day and even play on her computer. I don't have enough want to try and attempt schoolwork during this move. Angie must have been , well I can't think of the proper words to describe her but she must be pretty awesome to continue schoolwork while preparing to shift countries.
I look around at the moment, think of what is to happen in the next 9 days and can't wait till it is all over.
2 days of shifting, 3 days of cleaning, 1 day of sleep (Sunday I will try to rest inbetween unpacking the necessary), 2 days of packing, 1 day of travelling and we will get to have 1 day to rest and relax before travelling some more for a few days of holiday, some more travelling, holidaying, travelling etc etc, until we get home and have to unpack everything, hope the house sitter hasn't burnt down the place or downloaded some unrepairable virus (to the pcs), etc etc.
Yes I plan to relax, write myself notes and relish in....gotta go, accident..baby fell out of the foot spa!



Mercedes is really starting to walk now. She is walking further each day before she plops onto the ground.
I was watching her earlier and she was wobbling to and fro, as she walked to me.
It cracked me up laughing.

Sunday, April 10, 2005


Packing So Far

Well, it still obviously looks like we live here even though it is only 2 days till we start shifting stuff.
The sun is out which means that the laundry will finally get dry and I can catch up on that.
Mercedes and Erin are playing with my foot spa. Mercedes is sitting in it, Erin is trying to pull it with the electrical cable. It will be hiden away soon
10 days till holidays.
10 days till everything is done.
10 days and we will be travelling around NZ
2 days though till we reach the plateau and things start going back to normal (unless you count the cleaning up of this place)
Did you know that 2 kids will not fit in a foot spa? but a 14 month old baby will sit quite comfortably in it.
Did you also know that if the 3 yr old gets pushed out of the foot spa it makes the baby crack up into hysterical laughter.
It's cheap entertainment!

Update : 1 Day to go!

Saturday, April 09, 2005


Thought For The Day

"I wonder what it would be like to be cheese?"
Miranda (8)


Lets Eat Greek!

Interesting, especially since you would seem to live longer if you ate this way. Well, at least 1 year longer.

Friday, April 08, 2005


Almost There

Only 4 days left to pack in.
5 days till we pick up the keys and start moving stuff
It's raining and they predict it will rain for some time yet.
It always rains when we move.
Just as well we dont have slippery mud trails down hill to move the 'big' fish tank.
The big fish tank, when filled, weighs about 1 ton.
It is his, not mine.
Lots to pack, breakfast to be had, weeds to be pulled and leases to be signed.



Thursday, April 07, 2005


Evil Overlord

I found this courtesy of Phillip, The Blue Sloth.
Imagine if all Evil Overlords were like this?
It takes a while to read but it is worth it.

Mental Note : (I am currently up to #40 but need to head back to packing)

Wednesday, April 06, 2005


Isn't She



I am currently trying to organise what we need for NZ (2 weeks today) so that it can be kept seperate from our other stuff or at least put in an accessable place. I have gotten my suitcases off lay-by. I had forgotten how 'pink' the big one was. ( I can't find a pic anywhere online and I am too lazy to take a picture just yet)
I am alaso trying to pack and fit things in the bin. Hubby has succeeded in filling up the bin before I could though
I never knew we had so much junk. A lot of the stuff I have thrown out has been brought with us from the last place. Some of it I am trying to sell on ebay (only in Australia though, except for the pelican painting)
Enough chatter, it is now time to tidy up the lounge, consider how and when to deal with dinner, etc etc.


Kids & Us

Ok, so I haven't started packing for the day.
I just had to let you all know what a cutie Mercedes is. For the last 2 days she has been carrying around a baby doll. She won't go anywhere without it. Most of the time it is carried around upside down. It is so cute.

Erin, yesterday wanted me to take her photo, she even got dressed for it. I haven't downloaded the pics off the camera yet. She had a gorgeous smile.

Jade is busy measuring things with daddy's tape measure.

Miranda is just watching cartoons with thet hope I will not ask her to do her chores.

Hubby is doing something, not quite sure what. He says he is working hard.

Me, I am packing, weeding, planting, plastering and general maintenance stuff to the house before we leave.


Adagio Teas

They don't do international so I guess it won't be coming over here.
Time to get back to packing!

Tuesday, April 05, 2005


Adagio Teas

I thought I would give this a go, to see if it would be shipped across the seas.
I have seen Adagio Teas on many other sites and it teased my taste buds. Imagine what it would be like to receive the gourmet teas of Adagio Teas on my own homeshore.
Not too long ago (a few years actually) they introduced herbal and flavoured teas to the shops, but when you look at them they all seem very similar.
I think Adagio Teas could do well over here in Aus, but first they would need to do their research.
Tea is becoming increasingly popular here in Australia and they are heavily advertising iced tea.
Some of the wonderful people whom I have seen to receive rewards from Adagio Teas is Kristal, Cathy and Doug.
Make sure you check out the great rewards that Adagio Teas is offering for a little free advertising.


Late Nights & Early Mornings

Last night was the late night for me. We had home group but that didn't end up happening as it was planned. Hubby and I spent most of our night trying to help a lady who is struggling within herself due to the seperation of herself and her husband.
I think I imparted words of wisdom on her though it felt like i was talking in circles at times.
It was a long night. She left at midnight.
And bubs had me up at 6am this morning but I did manage to get back to sleep until 7.30am when the phone rung.
Now it is time to get up, and get the day moving along (it is 9am)

Friday, April 01, 2005



We will be offline for a couple of days while our websites swap servers.
Also, I will not be updating any of my additional blogs until we get back from holidays and settled into our new home.


It Has Started!

Packing that is. The boxes arrived today and I have already filled 4. That is how long it took for the kids to become uninterested in the packing.

Mercedes is also starting to try walking more. Not long now till she is a walker.

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