Monday, April 11, 2005


4 Helpers & Only 1 Worker

That about sums up packing in this house.
Trying to get the kids to give a helping hand is like trying to push a potato through a seive. Possible but very hard. And no, I am not grating them first.
I doubt everything will be packed by tomorrow now, but it is mostly done. The dishwasher has decided to be 'noisy' so I think something is going wrong there. This will be the last load in it. It is still working properly though.
The weather has been better, there has been rain followed by drizzle with intermitent spots of sunshine. Occassionally it is enough to get the washing dry (we don't own a dryer as it isn't really necessary here in sunny Queensland). So we have loads of unwashed and desperately needing washing clothes. At least I did get 2 loads done today, now let us hope the weather stays fine long enough for them to dry and then for me to get them in off the line.
Erin and Merc are still fighting over the foot spa (who gets to sit in it). Miranda is bored even though i have let her play with her friend this arvo, watch cartoons throughout the day and even play on her computer. I don't have enough want to try and attempt schoolwork during this move. Angie must have been , well I can't think of the proper words to describe her but she must be pretty awesome to continue schoolwork while preparing to shift countries.
I look around at the moment, think of what is to happen in the next 9 days and can't wait till it is all over.
2 days of shifting, 3 days of cleaning, 1 day of sleep (Sunday I will try to rest inbetween unpacking the necessary), 2 days of packing, 1 day of travelling and we will get to have 1 day to rest and relax before travelling some more for a few days of holiday, some more travelling, holidaying, travelling etc etc, until we get home and have to unpack everything, hope the house sitter hasn't burnt down the place or downloaded some unrepairable virus (to the pcs), etc etc.
Yes I plan to relax, write myself notes and relish in....gotta go, accident..baby fell out of the foot spa!

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