Wednesday, April 06, 2005


Kids & Us

Ok, so I haven't started packing for the day.
I just had to let you all know what a cutie Mercedes is. For the last 2 days she has been carrying around a baby doll. She won't go anywhere without it. Most of the time it is carried around upside down. It is so cute.

Erin, yesterday wanted me to take her photo, she even got dressed for it. I haven't downloaded the pics off the camera yet. She had a gorgeous smile.

Jade is busy measuring things with daddy's tape measure.

Miranda is just watching cartoons with thet hope I will not ask her to do her chores.

Hubby is doing something, not quite sure what. He says he is working hard.

Me, I am packing, weeding, planting, plastering and general maintenance stuff to the house before we leave.

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