Sunday, April 10, 2005


Packing So Far

Well, it still obviously looks like we live here even though it is only 2 days till we start shifting stuff.
The sun is out which means that the laundry will finally get dry and I can catch up on that.
Mercedes and Erin are playing with my foot spa. Mercedes is sitting in it, Erin is trying to pull it with the electrical cable. It will be hiden away soon
10 days till holidays.
10 days till everything is done.
10 days and we will be travelling around NZ
2 days though till we reach the plateau and things start going back to normal (unless you count the cleaning up of this place)
Did you know that 2 kids will not fit in a foot spa? but a 14 month old baby will sit quite comfortably in it.
Did you also know that if the 3 yr old gets pushed out of the foot spa it makes the baby crack up into hysterical laughter.
It's cheap entertainment!

Update : 1 Day to go!

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