Wednesday, April 06, 2005



I am currently trying to organise what we need for NZ (2 weeks today) so that it can be kept seperate from our other stuff or at least put in an accessable place. I have gotten my suitcases off lay-by. I had forgotten how 'pink' the big one was. ( I can't find a pic anywhere online and I am too lazy to take a picture just yet)
I am alaso trying to pack and fit things in the bin. Hubby has succeeded in filling up the bin before I could though
I never knew we had so much junk. A lot of the stuff I have thrown out has been brought with us from the last place. Some of it I am trying to sell on ebay (only in Australia though, except for the pelican painting)
Enough chatter, it is now time to tidy up the lounge, consider how and when to deal with dinner, etc etc.

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