Wednesday, May 25, 2005



The cat goes away and so the mice will play.
Well, not quite cats and mice, but hubby and fishtanks.
The fishtank is fine for the moment but the pumps are in major need of replacement.
While speaking of money, the car needs new tyres and a service also.

Back to the fishtank pumps. While we were in NZ our BIG fishtank(4 person spa size) broke so the fish from there went into the big tank (bath tub size). After this transfer one of the pumps (water filter) decided to leak all over the floor. It seemed to stop of its own accord.
Well, today (early this morning) it stared to leak again. This time it wasn't a slow drip, it was a fast big plopping drip or trickle. I had it unplugged for a while so i could replace multi boxes, clean up water etc. When I plugged it back in, guess what, it started back up again. To top that off the second water pump won't pump water.
Maybe we should give up on fish and go to reptiles.

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