Wednesday, May 18, 2005



Today the day started off well, everyone was happy and ate their cereal. We started school earlier then usual but still everyone was happy.
Then it happened. Both Erin and Mercedes were crying for no real reason and that lasted for about 2 hours, until I told them all to hop in the car and that we were going out. We were going to get a watering can.
Everyone then became happy, especially the older two because it meant they were getting out of schoolwork (they did do some when we got home though).
Off we went. We found our watering can in adult size, but none in child size (will look in different shops another time), we also picked up a soaker hose (for hubby) and a rose plant for my mum.
After this we did some miscellaneous shopping in which I got a couple of candles, some lollipops and a pair of cute slipper type shoes for mercedes. She has loved wearing them all day so far and even brought them to me at one stage so I could put them on her.
We then went home, had lunch and continued on with schoolwork. Miranda finished all of hers and Jadeen did half of hers (concentration issues) and then my mum and sis dropped by.

My mum and sis were on their way back from the city, where my mother had just filed for divorce from a man she hasn't seen or heard from for the past 2 years. He didn't show up to the hearing so that made things a lot easier on her. This is why I got the rose for her, a little cheer up therepy. And it did work, she loved it.

This was my day, now I need to go do all the work I wanted to do during the day as well as clean out the bird cage (Erin filled it with water).

My dog, the big guard dog she is, is busy chasing a persistant magpie which keeps coming into our yard. It is funny to watch.

Well better go, time to get myself moving before the sun sets!

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