Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Gardens : Part 1

Since we had a really early start and I had very little sleep last night, I decided that today would be a day for special studies. Something all the girls could enjoy.
We went seed shopping, right after I bought the girls a pretty mug each.
Some of the reasons why I bought the mugs
  • Mercedes broke Miranda's special mug from grandma and I promised to replace it with one she wanted
  • We have finally ditched the bottle with Erin and I wanted her to have a special cup to replace it with, and the handle was broken off of her special mug from grandma (again Mercedes)
  • and Jadeen got one because I am nice and didn't want her left out.
After this was seed shopping.
We bought
  • french radish seeds
  • Tommy Toe tomato seeds
  • Livingstone daisy seeds
  • Snapdragon (chitchat) seeds
  • Snow pea seeds (these are expensive in the shops so I thought we could grow our own and the kids love them)
  • Pea - greenfeast seeds
  • Navarre F1 carrot seeds
  • Long green supermarket cucumber (yes that is actually their name) - I thought about getting apple cucumbers for the interest factor but decided against that in the end
  • 4 lavender plants
The reason I bought seeds and not seedlings was the quantity of seeds you get in a packet and the fact that the kids will be able to watch them grow from scratch and get excited about each stage. Plus it works out cheaper in the long run then buying 2 or 3 seedlings of each thing.

So, this afternoon, the kids and I are going to be busy making up some seed raising trays in which to start our vegetables.

We may also look at having the kids learn money management and responsibility by having them care for and sell us the harvested vegetables. It should be fun.

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