Sunday, May 22, 2005


Gardens : Part 3

Today we picked up some more things for the garden. I still think we will have more then enough room for everything, plus more.
I picked up a gardenia (kids call it a lolly rose because of the flower's scent), herb seedlings (parsley, corriander, basil, dill, garlic chives, thyme) and some flower seedlings (corn flowers & pansy). We bought these at the market as it is the best place to buy plants and they were 12 for $1.20. I only spent $2.10 for the seedlings and $3 for the gardenia (approx 14 inches high already and in flower).
Why plant now, so close to winter?
Well, you wouldn't think winter is only a week away. We are still going to the beach, playing in the sprinklers and wearing shorts and shirts during the day. Nights are cool enough to rug up a little but it isn't cold yet. New Zealand was colder then this.
If we can get our garden established during the cooler months it will be fully established by the time it starts getting hot again.
Our seeds are also sprouting now with most of them starting to emerge from seeds, less then a week from planting!
I have two helpers now also, Mercedes and Erin. Erin loves to water and help plant the plants while Mercedes loves to play in the dirt. They are so cute!

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