Thursday, May 26, 2005


Gardens : Part 4

We are up to a new phase in our gardening. We are watching some of the seedlings growing in the ground.
We transplanted the radishes, snow peas, peas and daisy seedlings. We did this 3 days ago and they are all still alive. The snow pea and pea plants are all growing with green spikes about an inch long poking out of the soil.
It is all very exciting watching them grow and watching the kids become involved.
Our strawberry plants are all getting new foliage so that means they have settled in well also.
Everything seems to be growing well even if a few of the plants do seem to get more watering then usual (the herbs).

I think the carrots will be ready to be transplanted in a few days time though we only seem to have a few snapdragon seedlings up. I think most of them got washed away due to the watering of a toddler.

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