Monday, May 09, 2005



Who would have thought that kids could be so entertaining?
Tonight the 3 younger were playing together. Mercedes was the baby and was strapped into the newborn sized portable pouch/bassinette/thing. Jade and Erin were busy dragging her around or doing motherly things to her. Mercedes was actually complying to this game and enjoying herself. She seems to enjoy this game and is still laying there despite being dragged around, unstrapped and strapped back in.
It is quite funny and cute.

In other news, we started back with schoolwork today. I realised that we had missed a whole month of school due to the move and overseas holiday. The I also realised that we were missing one of our workbooks. It has to be somewhere and I really do not want to have to replace it with a new one. I have found an old, used one that we can work with until we find/buy a new one. (We need a new one for the test inside)

Exercise - Today we did the mile round walk to the shops, didn't buy a single thing and I was pushing a pram with a toddler, baby and trike in it.

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