Thursday, May 26, 2005



I just finished watching tonight's episode of Lost. I think the episodes are starting to get better. Though I am still confused as to why there is a giant polar bear on the island. Perhaps it is an albino island bear that was spooked by falling planes and crashing boats, so much so that it fell into a radioactive barrel of goo which was carried on one of the vessels for it's fuel source.
That is one theory I guess.
Another oculd be that a long time ago a ship that was carrying exotic animals to some far away zoo, and it became ship wrecked on the island. Due to the overwhelming supply of food, and radioactive goo which powered the boat, the animals grew to larger then life sizes and started to procreate (episode 2 i think, where they shot the normal sized polar bear, possibly the baby of the giant polar bear and that is why it is so angry)
Well I don't really know why but i like to think that something like radioactive goo or scientific experiments by the french lady or an oopsie in finding a suitably scary island monster is why the giant polar bear came about. Though it did look a little on the skinny side, the skin moving not how you would think it should.
Anyhow, enough rambling for tonight, time to hit the sack and then go to bed. Nighters!

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