Thursday, May 19, 2005


My Day In Quite A Few Nutshells!

The day started off a little earlier then normal as we had an early appointment for the bubs. She had to have her second Pneumococcal needle. She was very good for the nurse and only cried a little bit. She was happy afterwards, especially when she received the lolly. I was happy when I found out that the government had cut out the 18 month needles so there will be no more needles till she is 4 years old. They now have the chicken pox needle at 18months and I said a flat out no to that. I have read and heard that it doesn't stop chicken pox and it can be worse afterwards, plus I am prepared to deal with it, should it come.
That was our morning, along with a quick trip to the mail box.
At home, we delved into school work. Miranda finished early and quickly while Jadeen tried to persude me that she shouldn't do schoolwork, but we did do it anyhow and we also noted how much better she is getting at her reading. It is a slow process but we are getting there.

Lunch time arrived and afterwards it was off to visit my youngest sister as she was volunteering at an under 8's day.
The event was good but by the time we were there it was pretty quiet. Most of the people turned up for the morning event.
They had train rides, alpacas, shows, sport activities, art & craft for the kids. There was also a raffle, which we did not win anything in. It was a good event and could have done to be more widely publicised to encourage more people throughout the day.
We were taking my sister home afterwards so she tagged along at shopping and I am sure it made my job easier even if it did not feel like it sometimes. She was most helpful when I discovered the trolly's brakes were non-existent as we headed down the escalator. Between her and I we managed to control it before we slammed into some people in front of us.
We arrived home and were surprised to find a car on the lawn and a garden bed out front of our bedroom window. They (the owners) had a garden put out front.
Soon after he left, hubby's brother turned up. The kids had fun and we organised dates for him to come over as well.
Now dinner is had, baths are done and I am typing this up while I delay their bedtime. Now it is over, it is time to get them going so I can hit the sack myself.

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