Sunday, May 01, 2005


We Are Back!

Well, it was a good trip that went all too quickly with not enough time to do everything.
The trip there was good and seemed to go real quickly. We watched 'The Incredibles' while eating macaroni cheese (kids meals which they didn't like) and spicy butter chicken.
Hubby's mum helped us out by hiring a people mover for the time we were there and was there to meet us at the airport with it. We had to fit a brother-in-law and his luggage into the car also. It was a squeeze but we all managed to get in.
It was dark by the time we reached the farm (in-laws home) and time for a late dinner as hubby's dad was picked up from the hospital (he is recovering from pnuemonia).

((Sorry if this is a bit haphazord but I am writing while the memories are fresh and I am taking a break from the laundry and getting the house into order))

The next day it was off to Titoki via Tauranga to visit hubby's 2nd youngest sister and her husband. They are a great couple and were the ones who arranged most of the family reunion.
All this time the kids had travelled very well, and did so for the remainder of the trip. (It was a 3 hour trip to Titoki)

When we arrived at Titoki, the kids raced off to play with their cousins whom they had not seen in 4 years (or not at all in Erin & Mercedes' case). This was the start of the clinginess for Mercedes and was to last for roughly the next four days before she would play by herself.

Each night that we were at the first camp a family or two did a presentation on their own family.

It was all interesting.

2nd day - was a shopping trip and just kicking around the camp settling in, chatting, reading, etc.

3rd day - a bush walk was planned but no one could get their act together so only some went on the walk. They also played a game of soccer - the in-laws versus the out-laws. They also had a beach bonfire this night which they toasted marshmallows on and sang songs around.

4th day - We tried to go fishing but the wind was biting cold and went straight through everything so we packed up the kids for the warmth of McD's and an ice-cream.

5th day - Was pack up and head to the second camp which was over an hours drive away. Hubby and his brothers and brothers-in-law had managed to pack most of the cars and when ours was full up we left. It may have sped them on because the majority left not long after.
On the way to the other camp site we headed through some very scenic countryside, taking pictures along the way. We also managed to stop at the Buried Village, take a look through it all, and get a few nice pics of a waterfall in there.
We were the second last to arrive at the next camp due to our little deteor but it was well worth it. We had also stopped in Rotorua to look at the stinky mud pools.
Our next day there was a good one, we did our own thing, went to the lake, looked at a war memorial, did a little shopping and watching of the town folk. We stopped in at a kiwi (as in the bird) zoo but the next tour wasn't for a while and we had planned on dinner out so we did not have time.
Dinner out was a bit oof misadventure. The plan was to go to a restuarant for the meal (all 19 of us) but when we got there, hubby and I decided not to stay (prices were too hefty for what they were offering, especialy since we could get the kids meals for at least half the price at Burger King, exactelly the same also). So that is where we went as well as buying some pancake mix for breakfast the next morning (and we still came out in front by heaps compared to what we would have spent at the restaurant)

This was our last night at this camp, and after this it was a case of everyone going their seperate ways.

More to come but it has to wait due to laundry needing rescuing from the rain.

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