Saturday, May 28, 2005


What Next!

In Australia they make it very hard to own a gun.
Now in the UK the doctors want long pointy knives banned. I guess the next thing will be spoons, or perhaps the butter knives we are forced to use.
Apparently the doctors did a survey umong chefs and caterers to find out that we don't need long pointy knives, only a 2 inch blade.
If we are to use these 'short' knives, then how are we to cut up watermelons (not that we live in the UK), cut through chicken bones, squish garlic to get it out of it's shell, cut bread, etc.
Anyhow, that was my rant for today...well part of it.

Yesterday was my birthday (aussie time) and today (US time) Doug and Cathy welcomed Evan into their world. (His birthday is the same as mine, bar the 29years difference)
So congrats goes out to Doug, Cathy and family.

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