Tuesday, May 10, 2005


While You Were Away : Part 1

Dear Hubby,

We have to do this week all over again next Tuesday morning don't we?
When the day starts at 4am and doesn't finish till 9am it is a very long day. You said we have 3 months of this ahead of us. Perhaps we need to work out something, perhaps not. We did however, go back t sleep for 2 hours when we did get home at 6am, though the kids did stay awake majority of the trip.

The day has gone pretty well despite the early start. I did find the missing PACE (work booklet). I realised that I had missed sending in #6 and had sent in #7. We are up to #8 with Jade now. She is supposed to be only up to #2 in maths but is going well in #3 so far with little help from me. Perhaps she will do what Miranda did and speed through maths.

The baby, Mercedes, has discovered that she can climb onto the box beside my desk and reach the keyboard. She presses the 'My Documents' button at the most inconveinent time. If I try to put her on my lap to stop her touching things she wants down and climbs right back up on the box. She can get off the box quite easily as well.
Mercedes was eating lunch today (it involved sour cream) and I made the food signal to her and she did it back then proceeded to smear her entire face with sour cream. No I didn't get a picture of it either.

They are begining work next door on the block up from us, the petrol heads block. I think they have just left for the day as I heard a truck leave and there is now silence. Perhaps. I guess we will finally have neighbours before too long. Did you realise there are only 7 blocks of land in our street, including ours? (The one we live on not own)

Miranda did well at her schoolwork today also, and I can see her completeing this section of PACES before too long. She has also taken to putting her clothes away, all in the one spot, in the bottom of her cupboard. She was kind enough to make sure her girls brigade uniform was kept seperate though, even though it was in a crumpled heap beside her bed.

This reminds me, I have to find Jadeen's second shoe tonight or she will be wearing her joggers tonight.

Erin has been cute today. She finally changed out of the pretty dress and into another pretty dress and one of your ties. She is wearing clothes so I can't complain. She has also had fun playing with the 'board games'. She was very helpful today and proceeded to fold up clothes, very neatly in tiny little piles. She did this without even being asked.
She asked for one thing today, apart from the usual 'milky', and that was a green balloon. I think I can get her one of those. She also wants to get one for each of her sisters.

Well that is all for now as I have to get dinner ready, the kids dressed, a to-do list written, and possibly something else I have forgotten, in the next hour.

Hop eyou have a good night, play a good game of squash and get an early night to combat the early morning.

Love from,

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