Wednesday, May 11, 2005


While You Were Away : Part 2

Dear Hubby,

Such a lot has happened but so little has happened also.

Last night we headed off to Girls Brigade. While there I ordered a photo enlargement and picked up the proofs (a little brown in colour but they will fix that for the enlargements). It was only $1.50 for the 5"X7". It shall go nicely in the special photo album. While at Girls Brigade I also picked up the rest of Miranda's badges, discovered that they are phasing out the cadet's unifirm but we can get away with Jadeen's uniform for a while yet (possibly till she moves up to juniors).

After this it was off to the mail for only 3 peices in the box, then to the car wash place so I could clean the windscreen as it was annoying me being so dirty, then off to The Warehouse for mostly window shopping. They didn't have most of what we wanted but I did pick up a bag of 100 balloons for $1.50. Erin wanted a green balloon so I said I would get her one, and the green balloon she got only cost 1.5cents.

They didn't have any self inking stampers there so I may have to see what I have left that still works, if I can even find any. I checked out the prices of their dining tables and shelves etc. The shelves and drawers were no worse, but no better then the shops and the prices didn't really seem that much different. They did have this really nice table that you could extend into a large square. It would have been somewhere between 1.5m and 2m square. Solid wood too, but no price.

After this it was time to pay your doctors bill, pick up some milk, make a quick pit stop for Erin then head back to Girls Brigade to pick up the two elder girls. They had fun and were busy playing jumping games when we got there.

On the way home, I was very tired by this stage, Erin fell asleep and was the only one. Merc grumbled the whole way home.

When Merc finally did go to bed she was then waking up often, till about 1am, I think, but I was very tired by this stage so wasn't noticing the time so much. She was restless because her 8th tooth was coming through. I can see it today. She did however sleep at least a 6 hr block last night. I guess she was worn out also.

Today has been a busy one. School has not been fun and I remember how frustrating it was with Miranda at this stage. Jade does not seem to be able to concentrate for long periods of time. Sometimes it feels like only minutes. You think she isn't listening but then you find out she was, she also doesn't like having to read the words because she is unfamiliar with them. Miranda used to hate reading until one day when it just clicked. I think that took about 3 years. I hope it is sooner with Jade. We did finish majority of her schoolwork though, with only 1 story to read tonight (me to read) and I shall do that at bedtime.

Erin wasn't really interested in school today and ran off to play most of the time or made a mess with the pencils (until I made her clean them up). Erin also had fun playing games on Jade's PC while the girls worked. I won't use this form of distraction much though.

One thing I must mention about Erin is that she eagerly set the table last night, and helped me clean the car windows, without being asked. She liked being a little helper.

Miranda zoomed through her work again today and even wrote a letter to Cassie. We shall post it tomorrow when I have the rest of the letters/cards organised.

Me, I haven't done too much, just helped the kids with school, organised spread sandwiches for lunch, tidied up the kitchen, watched the excited face on the baby as I blew up balloons, blown up about 7 balloons, a little bit of laundry, some more tidying in our bedroom (almost done), planned dinner, tried to help erin with her games, got frustrated with Jadeen, taken and made phonecalls, talked to David on MSN, plus other stuff which escapes me at this moment.

How was your day?

Love from Wifey

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