Wednesday, May 11, 2005


While You Were Away : Part 3

Mercedes cut herself today. She broke her Miranda's mug and was coming to me to show me the broken mug (she was carrying it). When she discovered the blood she tasted it, looked at it strangley but was not really bothered by the small cut. We put a junior bandaid on it and she sat amused for the next 10 minutes or so trying to take it off.
She was also carrying a small bucket in her mouth and tripped over and cut her lip, now she has a fat lip also. Though she does look cute with her hair pinned back off her face.
Jade is running around like a madman while Erin is chasing her and trying to give her a wedgy. Miranda is doing dishes and grumpy cause she got into trouble for being messy at dinner time (deliberate) and Mercedes is toddling around looking for mischeif.

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