Thursday, May 12, 2005


While You Were Away : Part 5

Worms! We have worms.

It has been raining pretty much the whole time you have been away. Today the worms came up and crowded the path around the house. The kids were so excited that i decided we could extend our school break so they could catch worms. We now have a polystyrene box with worms in it. We will see how we go with it as a worm farm. Admittedly, there isn't enough worms to make a proper worm farm but it is free pets for the kids and simple enough to look after.

It will hopefully keep them amused until :
A. The worms all die
B. The worms all escape
C. The worms multiply so much we need to expand our worm farm
D. We use it in a garden/strawberry patch

Maybe we could put a strawberry patch in, or in one of the polysterene boxes we have.

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