Thursday, May 12, 2005


While You Were Away : Part 7

What an interesting evening we had.
We left home late afternoon, about an hour after our phonecall to you, to go grocery shopping.
Our first port of call was Aussie Pet Store for the kids to have a browse and dream about what pets they would want to own. For a pet shop that size you would think it would have a few more animals. I still stand by my decision not to buy a reptile from them since the ones I see in there haven't changed since I was last in there (a couple of months ago) and their advice wasn't really helpful ("It will cost a lot to set up a reptile tank"). I will enquire in Noah's Pets & Aquarium about reptiles and what I require.
After this it was off to the shopping centre, a quick walk down to the centre for a bite of McD's for dinner. I managed to keep it low cost since I didn't buy happy meals with a toy that we didn't need.
Dinner was followed by grocery shopping, one attempt thwarted in lolly canvasing (bulk food section and was quite peacefully resolved, quite easily actually), 3 toddling off to the toilets together, 1 box of cereal put back and one lost child.
Yes I am sure you can guess who it was. It was Erin, the free-spirited, independent child who saying goodbye to does not make her come back. We couldn't find her in the supermarket, nor the chairs near there, and she wasn't looking down the escalators either. We did find her, well a security man found her and we met up at the top of the escalators. She was actually wedged inbetween a plant and a peice of glass and wasn't moving for the 'policeman'. We had a little talk after this and have since decided that an ID tag of some sort is in order for her. Perhaps I should make one for Jadeen as well since she likes to dawdle behind us. I know I will need one for Mercedes who doesn't seem concerned about leaving our sides when she gets the chance.
Activity for tomorrow - ID tags.
Then we came home, unpacked the groceries, you rang, the kids got excited and one of them knocked over the brand new glass bottle of sweet chilli sauce. I guess it doesn't matter too much since I can pick up one next week at shopping when you are back up north. I did get mayonaise so you are set there and will make do until I go shopping next.
Now it is time to get this lot to bed so I can shower, tidy up and try to relax. Maybe I will check out the TV tonight. Who knows.
Seeya in 1 sleep.

Love from Wifey

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