Sunday, June 05, 2005



Hubby had his own mini adventure today. I am sure he will fill you in on it but here is my account of it.

My afternoon started pretty quietly. The hubby was playing slot cars with the kids (until the baby interrupted and was sent outside with mum, and until the girls got bored with it) and I was heading out to tend the vege patch. With bubs digging with the trowel, and me watering the garden, I decided it was time to find some more plants for the garden (It is only half full).

Grabbing all the kids, we headed out to the plant nursery (actually erin wouldn't go without her older sisters and when i promised to stop by a friends house on the way home they all trundled into the car)

At the nursery I picked up a teddy bear rose and a minature figurine for each of the kids.
We stopped at a friends house on the way home and spent about 45mins there just playing and hanging around. I learnt that being piggy in the middle is a lot of work and carrying a baby at the same time doesn't make it any easier, especially when the kids don't throw straight.

Just as we were about to leave here, hubby rings me up, breathless and says something about me needing to meet him asap with a torch and jumper, so I could take his bike home. He assured me that he wasn't the hurt one in this instance. So it was back into the car and a quick stop home and off to deal with the mystery situation. While we were at home I grabbed the first aid kit, some water, a towel, blanket and betadine also. I forgot the biscuits for the kids.

Arriving at the scene, he is waiting for us and the ambulance to arrive. It is then that he fills us in on the situation at hand, we move the car so as to give the ambulance room and settle in for a short wait. Over 1 hour later, a helicopter and 4 ambulance men we are finally heading off. We had pizza for dinner as it was almost 7pm by the time we got home.

What happened, as far as I can work out, is that hubby met a guy, they went riding together, the other guy did a jump and landed funny, turning the top of his shin bone into a 'L'.

Now we have his car and am waiting for some family, of the guy with the broken leg, to turn up and collect his car and bike.

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