Thursday, June 09, 2005


The End

It is finally all over. The saga of our previous rental place is over. Let us all celebrate and finally relax. Today we picked up our bond cheque. Of course we lost some money but we got more back then originally planned. To help thank the property manager (who still has some more dealing with the owners to go through), hubby asked me to buy him a 6 pack of crown lager. He was thankful for that as it made all the pain of this seem a little easier (especially the owners).
I have come to the conclusion that the main problem in the end of lease bond retreival was the daughter of the owners. It seems as if she likes to tell a few lies in order to make us the bad guys.
Well, due to her lies, now their gardens will become overgrown, their goldfish will die and the house will not be looked after, especially since they will have a hard time finding someone to rent it for only 6 months.
Aparently they have moved it to another real estate, which means that they (the real estate) will end up loosing money as it takes a year before they start earning anything on a rental property.
I am glad we moved when we did and did not wait until the end of the year to move (when bills are high and income is low). The place we are in now suits us better, has more room to move and generally feels better to live in. We have had more freedom here also, which makes it feel more like a home.

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