Tuesday, June 07, 2005


He Is Away Again!

Yup, that is right, hubby is away again this week but next week he is home. He may have to go back north in a couple of weeks time but we are still waiting to find that out.
As per normal, my Tuesdays start ridiculously early and today was no exception (can't wait to sleep in next Tuesday) except for the fact that it started at 3.30am instead of 4.30am. On the way to the airport we saw the usual early morning walkers, had a discusion as to why they would be walking such early hours (it is dark till 6am here) and headed to the airport with a car full of sleeping bodies (apart from me, the driver). On the way back it was a quick stop for petrol and something to keep my mind occupied on the way home. I bought myself a coconut, almond and apricot bar and nibbled slowly. I dropped it once, on the floor and that provided for some riveting exciting driving (not).
Once home I had to convince the kids to go to bed and sleep since the sky was starting to lighten. It was along the lines of "Mummy's getting grumpy" and "You've woken up the baby".
By the time they were all asleep it was edging closer to 7am but I did manage to get some extra rest sometime after 8.30am.
Then came kids, asking them nicely to not jump on the leaky waterbed. There is a small crack on hubby's side and if he lays on it then he sleeps in a warm pool of water.
Today has been a day of chores and so far we have been busy and it is just lunch time (and the weather is too warm for winter clothes, the baby is running around in a pair of pants and singlet)
So far we have fixed up a botched (majorly) spelling of our address on insurance papers, changed addresses with another place, bought a patch for the bed, bought material ribbon to replace the paper ribbon on the twirly thingy jade bought yesterday, dealt with the bank and new accounts, made phonecalls, had lunch, enquired about furniture and wishing the day was already over.
I need a sleep!
Unfortunately there is more to come, schoolwork, housework, girls brigade, dinner preparation etc etc.

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