Tuesday, June 14, 2005


It Is Winter, Right?

Well, for the southern hemisphere of course.
The calanders say it is winter, the shops say it is winter, but the weather just doesn't think it is so.
Just yesterday it really was too hot to wear jeans. The kids are always at the ready to play in the water and do not mind running around wet.
I got out of bed the other day and thought to myself, 'Gee it's gonna be hot today' (altered to omit aussie slang incase it confused).
Where is winter?
I know we only really get about 2 weeks of really cold weather, enough to make you want to rug up, but here in sunny Queensland, it is turning out to be a really warm winter.
Atop of this we are looking at droughts and water conservation.
You just wouldn't think it was winter here.

Apart from that, my snow peas are growing like weeds, each day they have visibly grown more. The carrots are taking their time, the strawberries are getting more flowers, the peas are plodding along and everything else seems to be going well.

Reptile update
I have sent off my licence application and fees, purchased myself a heating mat and am crossing my fingers on a cheap heating rock. I also picked up some red desert sand today and some handy hints and tips thanks to a helpful pet store I just happened by. I also cleaned out the 3' tank that will become the reptile tank.
I have saved myself hundreds of $$ just by shopping around, hunting on ebay and not buying from the first place I saw.

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