Friday, June 10, 2005


Those Kids Can Spend!

And that is just what they did today.
Today we went to the local show (county fair) after having run around doing some tasks.
They were all tagged and given rules to follow. (I made each an ID tag with their name, my name and contact number, and of course their photo on it)
The first thing we noticed was how quiet the place was and then it dawned on me that people still had to work, kids had to go to school because their parents worked and that it was great and really not crowded.
The bad part about all of this though was that the purveyors of games which only provided a small unworthy bounty were in full force, yelling, trying to convince and there were no lines so we could not use the excuse of "maybe we will come back later when it is quiet". After the kids had played about three games each I decided to call it quits and try the "We won't be able to get a show bag if we play anymore games"
In the end we never did get any show bags because I could buy more for less at the local grocery shop, and it was probably out of date anyhow. I did, however, divert their attention away from the showbag stands to the lucky dip place. No lollies, only crappy toy prizes for cheaper then the bags.
Erin chose to buy some fairy floss and a $1 lucky dip, with that she was happy and didn't want anymore.
Jadeen chose to spend her $3 on 3 X $1 lucky dips and came out with an arm full of prizes.
Miranda chose to do the same and came out in front also.
I chose to get Mercedes a lucky dip also, though the toys weren't really suited to her and she was more interested in the baby animal display and her floating green balloon (this suited me just fine).
I bought myself a siamese fighting fish (betta), tank and food for only $10. These fish are $7 alone in the shops and the tank that came with it would be at least another $5-$10 so I am happy with this purchase. I also grilled them for information so I didn't go home unknowing.
While at the show we visited the many different displays that were there and I thought that we could quite possibly enter this next year and maybe win some prizes. I know my carrot cake would do well and possibly my banana cake, fudge, some other recipes, maybe some of our garden produce and our art.
The kids then visited a gem display, picked up a couple of cheap jewellery boxes, sifted through sawdust for gem stones and had a ball exploring this all.
I am glad we went to the show but I know next time to avoid the food, to avoid side show alley and also avoid the showbags. And also to go on the first day because hardly anyone else does.

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