Wednesday, June 01, 2005


Wake Me When It's The Weekend...

It is only Wednesday and already I am hoping for the weekend, but then I stop to think and I sag even further. He won't be here, he has a LAN on this weekend and I think I overheard him organising something for Sunday with someone.
Today I was just a sucker for punishment. Firstly we had tinned spagetti for lunch and we all know how well that stuff covers the young faces, hands, hair, etc. Next came a shopping trip. I had birthday money to spend. We were out 2.5hrs and all i had to show for it was donut crumbs, a shirt and some photo albums. I think I may save the rest of my money so we can enjoy our time at the Show & Rodeo coming up soon.
Since I had had enough of the day I packed the kids back into the car and bought dinner out.
Now, after hot chocolate laced with Horlicks, it is time for their baths and then off to bed.
What is install for me once they are settled in, well, these floors really could do with some work (daily job here).
Or maybe I could work out the best way to stake the growing pea plants, finish filling up teh photo albums or perhaps indulge in some art, then again I may just go to bed early instead.
Anyhow, it is bathtime....in the big bath me thinks!

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