Wednesday, June 15, 2005


When Have You Gone Too Far?

Adultery, that is my topic for this post today.

Unfortunately, it is one of those things which is very common in today's society.

The question I am asking is, 'When does it start?"

Does it start with that coffee you regularly have on a Monday morning, with a 'friend' which makes you feel good?

Does it start when you think about that friend in other ways then just being a friend?

Or, does it start when you knowingly choose to cheat on your partner/their partner?

These are only a few questions swirling around in my mind at the moment.

I do not see anything wrong with having the opposite sex as a friend.

What I really have swirling through this head of mine, is that lately (last 6 months or so), it has become obvious that there is an increase of relationships breaking up, having trouble and struggling because of adultery. And this is only in our church!

Does adultery have to be with another person? Can it also be when you are cheating on your relationship with that person, with a bottle of alcohol, or a bag of pills or a puff of illegal substances, etc etc.

I am not talking about my own relationship with my husband, and I am not saying that we have not had our own struggles with things in the past, but I am talking of others, with whom we are friends or have become 'friends' with due to their struggles.

Some of these 'friends' struggles' have really been heartbreaking and hard on them, especially since they already have children in their relationship. One 'friend' has had a hard time as it was seen as a possibility that the 'other half' had been scheming since before they were wed. It is things like this that really hurt people and cause them to mistrust others.

Since I have kids chattering, trying to converse with me and generally being kids around me (and the baby has now woken up) I am finding it hard to continue my train of thought so will have to end it here for now.

If any have opinions that they would like to add, please leave a comment. Any nasty or derogitory comments will be removed.

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