Friday, July 29, 2005



Finally she has learnt my name. Tonight she (Mercedes) was calling me 'Ma Ma'. Usually she calls me 'Dad'. And when she wants a feed she makes the signal for milky and says what sounds like 'eky' with an enquiring tone. We are still working on a few more signals.
She refuses to use the food signal and instead goes to the fridge and tries to open it. When she wants a drink she will go and get one of her cups from the cupboard.
I stick out my tounge with an open mouth going 'eeww' to symbolise something bad and not to put in her mouth. If she still does put it in her mouth she will then spit it out in my hand. This worked well tonight as she put a softdrink bottle top in her mouth and it got stuck. She came straight to me and i popped it out.
My baby is communicating!


Did You Say It Was Winter?

Ok, so it is the middle of winter here in Australia. I live about half way down the east coast and today was a HOT day. We were all commenting on the heat so we decided to go for a nice walk to the shops for ice cream (half hour each way with kids). When we got home I stripped down the baby to her shirt and nappy (mainly because her pants were covered in chocolate ice cream), wiped the perspiration from my forehead and sent the kids in to watch cartoons. (I like cartoons because I can use them as rewards or just when I need/want a break, like now).
The weather says it is currently 22 degrees celsius. So, when is winter going to hit? I am just glad I didn't stock up on winter clothes this year!

In other news, the rental inspection yesterday went well and the house was spotless until i brought the kids home. Today it looks like it normally does!


The Sherrif Is In Town

Yesterday Jadeen got to spend her hard earned/forcefully saved money. She chose some toy cowboy guns. While at shopping (and wearing those pink cowgirl boots) she was marching around pretending to be a sherrif after her sister strapped on the guns for her. This continued on at home with the serious look on her face. After that the girls met up with the boys from across the road to play a hide and seek and shoot game (you shot the person when you found them, with the toy gun of course). When it came to bedtime last night I had to put the sherrif and her deputy (Erin) to bed, the guns had to be put up as well.


Big Beer Ad Take 2

The beer ad was produced by a group called Scarygood.
Check out their site for more funny ads. I know I will once my day is under control.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005


Big Beer Ad

Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Gardens : Part 6

Our garden is flourishing.
The snow peas are flowering, the normal peas are flowering, the strawberries are producing handfuls of red berries (which are delicious when eaten warm), the pansies have one flower up, the herbs are just huge, tomatoes are shooting up and the remaining plants are just growing like weeds.
I thought about posting pics of the garden but then it occured to me that it would be pretty boring to look at, so instead I shall post up some artistic shots I took. You can see the snow peas in our photo archive section.

Monday, July 25, 2005


Health Scare

Yesterday (being sunday) morning, i had a really sharp pain in the left hand side of my chest. It was so intense that it hurt to take normal breaths through it. It lasted for a couple of minutes (maybe only 30 seconds but it felt longer then that) and I had to force myself to take deep breaths through the pain. It was scary and my mind was filled with thoughts of 'heart attack' etc etc.
It took me a whole 24 hrs to ring and make a doctors appointment and fantasising that I may only have a short life left. I think I even imagined some of the after pains.
Anyhows, the pain did go away, especially after I forced myself to take deep breaths.
Today I saw a doctor (not my usual as she was away on holidays) and he checked me out and announced that all was fine. It couldn't have been a heart attack as my heart was fine, breathing was fine and the pain was localised and not like being sat on by an elephant. Apparently it is just one of those things that happen.
The good thing about seeing the doc was that i am now not constantly thinking on it and feel a lot more relaxed and am able to get on with my day.
Speaking of day, we have a rental inspection on Thursday, home group tonight and rubbish collection tomorrow. So I better get to it and work my butt off.

Sunday, July 24, 2005



Congratulations go out to Beth 'So The Fish Said' and Chris 'Rude Cactus' for the birth of Mia 'Cactus-Fish'.
Best of luck with it all!



Saturday, July 23, 2005



We try to feed our kids artificial additive free foods but tonight we let down our guard.
Tonight we went to a Christmas in July party and enjoyed the food and drink. I didn't think of it until we were on our way home that the drink supplied was probably a fruit drink and not an actual juice.
We avoid fruit drinks here as they usually contain artificial additives in the way of colouring and taste, but tonight they had at least 2 cups each of this drink.
Yes, they are, or at least were, bouncing off the walls and the other kids at the party.
Let's hope it wears off quickly!

Friday, July 22, 2005




Big Boy



Yesterday was a day for painting. The kids all enjoyed creating door hangers. They were given cotton tips to paint with and even Mercedes got in on the fun.





Little Boss is shedding his skin!

Coming Soon - Facts about Central Netted Dragons (that I have learnt)

Thursday, July 21, 2005



It is 11.20pm and I have just finished painting, tidied up the dishes (enough that I don't have to do the dishes till tomorrow), tucked all the kids in and sat down to write this before I head to bed.
While I was painting, hubby and I (I was partially) were watching a show on TV only to have it interrupted by a news broadcast announcing that there had been more bombings in London. I think it was only one bomb, on a bus and then it didn't even go off properly (possibly just as well that it didn't go off), only the detonator went off and caused a few windows to smash. No one was hurt.
Here in Australia there has been talk of bringing in a national ID. How is that going to stop terrorists, especially if they are already living here? And then what is going to happen to those who call Australia home yet do not have Australian citizenship (ie. My hubby)?

I think the motto that we should follow is - Don't use public transport in major cities!


Watching Paint Dry

That is what I am doing. Literally!
Oh, and watching the littlest dragon try to be the 'big' dragon by chasing the other small dragon around it's enclosure.
Now I know how they lost their tail tips (before I got them). They fought.
Must be siblings!

Wednesday, July 20, 2005


What's Been Happening?

Today I finished Erin's scarf (yes it is a bit on the short side but it was only a 50g ball of yarn)

Then I went shopping and bought myself a 1 person handbag (only can fit my sh....stuff in)

Then after groceries and 1500 woodies, it was home for dinner, and baths.
Miranda was a help so I let her play on the computer.

And then while my back was turned Mercedes climbed up onto the school table. I did take her down a few times but she climbed right back up there, and moving the chair doesn't help since she will find it and bring it back.



That is how many woodies (wood roaches - look similar to cockroaches) I bought home. The shop apologised for it not being 1000 and didn't charge me any extra. I got so many because all the big woodies were out and they only had medium/small sized ones.
Yes it was like a crawling crunchy carpet of brown when they were seperated into two seperate breeding boxes.
I think these shall do for a while now.
Well, they better do for a while!

Tuesday, July 19, 2005



Sunday, July 17, 2005


New Toy

I am using my new toy, well not to type with but to move around as I would a mouse. With the new toy came some software. One was an addin to adobe photoshop, so tonight I have been playing with that. I will show you the before and after pics. I am still working out how i will actually produce a drawing with this tool. But at least i know how to alter photos now!

Before .........................................................After


Let's Play

So, I gave my kids worms today.
To play with.
Earthworms that is, well the worms you use in to feed carnivorous animals that is.



Why do they (children) all sleep in when I get up early but when I want to sleep in they all wake up early.

Saturday, July 16, 2005


New Toy

Hubby got this for me. Now what do i do with it? That I can't do with a mouse.



Friday, July 15, 2005



We have names, that have stuck, for my baby dragons.

Names ranging from biggest to smallest

1 - Big Boy
2 - Small Boss
3 - Plain Jane
4 - Pretty Girl

Big Boy has had a habit of changing colours lately. He seems to change to a sandy red colour after feeding. His tail is almost healed up and he loves to face up to the 'other' dragon in the mirror.

Small Boss loves to eat. He even eats his greens, always first in to eat and when he sees me he watches expectantly for more food. He also loves to perch on the log/rocks.

Plain Jane had a slow start and wouldn't eat for a few days, now she is in there with the rest of them and taking her fair share of the meal. She has taken to basking on the log or atop the terracotta pot (has to jump to get there)

Pretty Girl loves to laze around and is quick to snatch up small roaches and small crickets. She has a white tummy and a black/blue netted pattern over her body.

All of the dragons have started up with the head bobbing and their favourite places of rest are either under the pot or under the log. Occassionally they will just sleep out atop the sand.

They are so interesting to watch.

Thursday, July 14, 2005


Questions Answered

Thanks to J for her question.

"That is a stunning picture!

What camera are you using?"

I am using a HP Photosmart 945 to take our pictures.

and thanks to G for his comments

"loving the sunsets...we're having hurricanes around here."



Wednesday, July 13, 2005





Jadeen in the middle of winter, with no heaters on and the doors/windows open

Central netted dragons basking after a filling meal

Turtle doves resting on our fence

Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Google Earth

Ever wanted to check out the neighbours back yard? Ever wondered what it was like in antartica without having to go there?
Check out google earth for some free software that enables you to search the globe and get a pretty good birds eye view of pretty much anywhere.

Monday, July 11, 2005


Questions Answered

For Phillip

Phillip asked " Are those like right out your back door? Or pics from a nature museum kind of place?"

My answer - Nope, they aren't either. They are living in our family/dining room in a 3 foot tank. They are approximately the size of an adults thumb, but grow to about 10inches in size. Those pics were of the girls (or at least we assume they were girls).


Sunset For The Day

Sunday, July 10, 2005


The Traditional Way

How many people (of the X generation) know how to knit? Or do those old fashioned/traditional skills?
I realised that I didn't know how to knit when Jade asked me to teach her. We tried the online basic instructions but they only confused me further and made it more difficult then it should be.
So, this arvo, my mum came over to teach Jade to knit and in the process I learnt the basics...very basics, but still, I am knitting. I have done about an inch by 20 stitches so far. Maybe I will finish a scarf by the end of winter!
Anyhows, that is one skill I hadn't know previously but now know(the basics at least)

Now it is time to take the bubs up to the park for a romp around before i have to cook dinner.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005


Now He Has It

Hubby now has the virus that has plagued the family. The funny thing is, well not really funny, is the fact that this virus was exactelly how i felt when i preggers with Merc, in the first trimester.

Yes, this is how it felt to have morning sickness.

I think a new level in understanding was reached.


Ctenophorus nuchalis (Central Netted Dragons)

Tuesday, July 05, 2005


Reptiles, Yet Again.

I finally have finished my enclosure. Here is a list of my outfitted tank.
  • 1 X 3ft tank
  • 1 X small (8" X 8") heat mat
  • 1 X bag of red sand
  • 1 X branch
  • 2 X rocks
  • 1 X terracotta pot (buried in sand, on it's side)
  • 2 X water dishes
  • 1 X infra red night light (red light)
  • 1 X mercury vapour bulb (100watt)
  • 1 X timer
  • 2 X ceramic fittings for lights
  • 1 X hood for tank
  • 1 X container of roaches (now moved into three containers)
  • 4 X the most adorable dragons you could find
  • 1 X timer
That's it for the time being. Hubby thinks we should get another timer so that we can set the infra red heat lamp onto.

We took video this morning of feed time and they actively took after the bugs. It was interesting to watch. The biggest guy loved his food and it was funny to watch the dragons just pop out of the sand, which they were hiding in.

Monday, July 04, 2005


They Are Home

My baby dragons are home.
They offered me 4 for a great price so i couldn't go past the offer.

This is one of the little girls (I think it is a girl). I couldn't get any other pictures because they had burrowed themselves into the sand.
The couple from which we bought them from breeds reptiles as a hobby. They have dragons, geckos, pythons (various sorts), water snakes, and turtles (various freshwater varieties).
The kids were amazed and astounded. It was like going to the zoo for them. They also had some archer fish, they spit water to get their insect prey into the water, which were interesting to watch.
It was a great and interesting drive up there but unfortunately I did not get any photos as I was the one driving and almost late at arriving.
We had fun anyhow and now my babies are home.

Coming Soon - What should I name them?


Too Cute

I was getting Merc up this morning for a feed and she was standing in her cot waiting for me.
She gave me this big bright grin and said something that sounded like 'There she is'.
We play peek-a-boo with her and when she comes out of hiding we say 'there she is'. So I think she is starting to copy us.
She also says things that sound like
- thankyou (especially when we give her something)
- shoez (for her shoes)
- poopoo (for when she needs her nappy changed, occassionally)

We also work into that baby sign language (mostly made up by us and not gone by the book)

It is amazing to see how they grow and progress.

Miscellaneous News

I pick up my dragons today and I will be passing through some beautiful areas (rainforest) on the way there. I will try to take some photos as I go there.

Sunday, July 03, 2005


Sunset For The Day

Saturday, July 02, 2005


Sick : Part 2

What is worse then throwing up in the shower, being thrown up on by the baby, watching her cry when she is sick because you can't do anything about it?
Having to do all that and more alone.
Hubby is at his monthly LAN today. Sometimes it would be nice if he wasn't the main organiser of it, that way he could take the day off to help us 'sickies' get better.
So far Jade, Miranda, Mercedes and myself have contracted this 'bug' and I am really hoping that Erin doesn't get it, and that hubby doesn't either.
Today has been harder then normal because I could only catnap inbetween questions, chatter while the kids watched some veggietales, and still had to point them in the right direction for food (not that I was really caring what the well ones ate). Now they are getting into the cereal so I guess they will be having that for dinner and I don't really care since it means that is one less thing for me to do.
Right now Miranda is making her own dinner as well.
I think I will skip dinner tonight.



Jade was sick two nights ago.
Miranda was sick last night.
Mercedes was sick this morning and is now having her 'milky' while pooping in her diaper and rubbing banana all over me.
I feel queasy and Erin seems alright.
Let's hope it all over and done with before the weekend is finished.

Friday, July 01, 2005


Comfort Zone

I am breeding roaches, wood roaches to be correct.
I am breeding these to feed to my dragons.
I made two more 'enclosures/cages' for them today as they are breeding like rabbits.
Transferring some to the first enclosure was quick and simple.
The second enclosure they started to escape during the tipping proceedure. Three or four adults escaped and two babies. This is when my dislike of bugs (roaches mostly) came into play.
I yelled for help from hubby (as he has no fears about touching creepy crawlies)and he managed to catch them all, I hope. Miranda caught the 2 little babies for me while I tried to secure lids.
In only three to four days do I have to start touching them so that I can feed them to the dragons.
This is way out of my comfort zone!

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