Thursday, July 21, 2005



It is 11.20pm and I have just finished painting, tidied up the dishes (enough that I don't have to do the dishes till tomorrow), tucked all the kids in and sat down to write this before I head to bed.
While I was painting, hubby and I (I was partially) were watching a show on TV only to have it interrupted by a news broadcast announcing that there had been more bombings in London. I think it was only one bomb, on a bus and then it didn't even go off properly (possibly just as well that it didn't go off), only the detonator went off and caused a few windows to smash. No one was hurt.
Here in Australia there has been talk of bringing in a national ID. How is that going to stop terrorists, especially if they are already living here? And then what is going to happen to those who call Australia home yet do not have Australian citizenship (ie. My hubby)?

I think the motto that we should follow is - Don't use public transport in major cities!

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