Friday, July 29, 2005


Did You Say It Was Winter?

Ok, so it is the middle of winter here in Australia. I live about half way down the east coast and today was a HOT day. We were all commenting on the heat so we decided to go for a nice walk to the shops for ice cream (half hour each way with kids). When we got home I stripped down the baby to her shirt and nappy (mainly because her pants were covered in chocolate ice cream), wiped the perspiration from my forehead and sent the kids in to watch cartoons. (I like cartoons because I can use them as rewards or just when I need/want a break, like now).
The weather says it is currently 22 degrees celsius. So, when is winter going to hit? I am just glad I didn't stock up on winter clothes this year!

In other news, the rental inspection yesterday went well and the house was spotless until i brought the kids home. Today it looks like it normally does!

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