Monday, July 25, 2005


Health Scare

Yesterday (being sunday) morning, i had a really sharp pain in the left hand side of my chest. It was so intense that it hurt to take normal breaths through it. It lasted for a couple of minutes (maybe only 30 seconds but it felt longer then that) and I had to force myself to take deep breaths through the pain. It was scary and my mind was filled with thoughts of 'heart attack' etc etc.
It took me a whole 24 hrs to ring and make a doctors appointment and fantasising that I may only have a short life left. I think I even imagined some of the after pains.
Anyhows, the pain did go away, especially after I forced myself to take deep breaths.
Today I saw a doctor (not my usual as she was away on holidays) and he checked me out and announced that all was fine. It couldn't have been a heart attack as my heart was fine, breathing was fine and the pain was localised and not like being sat on by an elephant. Apparently it is just one of those things that happen.
The good thing about seeing the doc was that i am now not constantly thinking on it and feel a lot more relaxed and am able to get on with my day.
Speaking of day, we have a rental inspection on Thursday, home group tonight and rubbish collection tomorrow. So I better get to it and work my butt off.

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