Monday, July 04, 2005


They Are Home

My baby dragons are home.
They offered me 4 for a great price so i couldn't go past the offer.

This is one of the little girls (I think it is a girl). I couldn't get any other pictures because they had burrowed themselves into the sand.
The couple from which we bought them from breeds reptiles as a hobby. They have dragons, geckos, pythons (various sorts), water snakes, and turtles (various freshwater varieties).
The kids were amazed and astounded. It was like going to the zoo for them. They also had some archer fish, they spit water to get their insect prey into the water, which were interesting to watch.
It was a great and interesting drive up there but unfortunately I did not get any photos as I was the one driving and almost late at arriving.
We had fun anyhow and now my babies are home.

Coming Soon - What should I name them?

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