Thursday, August 25, 2005



To answer Hula Doula's question about bindi's.
What are they?
They are small weeds that grow in the lawn and if they are not removed while the bindi (prickle) is green then they can and will spread throughout your lawn, leaving it unuseable the next spring unless you have shoes on.
The plant itself looks similar to parsley but right at the centre of it grows the seeds. When the seeds are green they are relatively harmless and can be plucked bare handed without one of the seeds sticking into you. It is when the seeds start going brown that the threat of loosing your lawn to them expands. When they are fully dead/brown they can then split and seperate into hundreds of seeds (that is one seed head itself and each bindi plant usually contains a minimum of 4 seeds heads).
The seeds heads contain heaps of small sharp (did I mention sharp) protrusions that are designed to catch onto anything passing by so that it can be transported to another area so it can lay dorment until the next spring.
Sometimes the bindis can get so stuck into your foot that they require to be dug out. They are quite frequently caught up in pet's fur and create terrible knots, provided they don't make their way to the skin itself.
All in all they are one peice of nasty vegetation.
I try to pull them out when they are green, in our yard and so far i have been lucky with only a few being in the grass, but we have to remain vigilant least the kids become indoor kids which do not know the pleasure of playing under the sprinkler in the heat of summer.

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