Monday, August 22, 2005


Busy Bee

What a week it has been. School, work, visitors and lots more stuff. The only time I seem to sit down and have time to write is at night, when I am feeding bubs, in the dark and I can't see the keys to type accuretly. Oh, and I am half asleep so keeping my eyes open is a hard task.
Right now I am avoiding housework that needs to be completed before guests arrive tonight. Close to 30 people may be here tonight!
I am finding it a little hard though, since bubs has a cold and therefore she is waking up more often during the night and I have also tried to spend some kid free time with hubby. So, I am a little over tired, overworked and under paid!
Good news though, my sis may be able to get her dog today, a cute little maltese cross.
Well now that bubs is off and playing happily, it is time to get to work and make this place tidy! Oh, and cook the marinated chicken wings, huge amount of rice and veges!

BTW, ever seen a strawberry do this?

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