Tuesday, August 09, 2005


The Good, The Bad & The Funny

The Good
This morning the girls were very thoughtful and let us sleep in, even Mercedes. I sent hubby to get bubs out of her cot because I thought she was calling for him. She was, but from the family room and then she was sitting there nicely with her sisters, reading books. It was 9.15am! Usually they come in and wake us up but this morning they let us sleep in.

The Bad
This was yesterday at the shops, and while it did not affect me directly, it was still disturbing/bad. A mother was teaching her daughter a lesson. I do not know why but I do know that the outcome of this lesson teaching meant the daughter (about 8 or 9) was left screaming and crying for her mother and trying to run after her leaving car. Yes, the mother had left the daughter deliberately at the shops to 'teach her a lesson.' The mother did come back looking for her, but by that time her daughter had crossed over 2 main roads (fortunately very quiet) and gone past a roundabout and was lost from view by the dusky evening sky and trees.
Yes, my kids can annoy me when we go shopping but I have never ever thought about leaving them behind to teach them a lesson. This lady irked me with what she did but I am glad that she did come back for her daughter.

The Funny
Mercedes was funny last night at home group. One family that comes has a son that is 2-3 months older then her and just recently they have become friends. They do stuff together and get into mischeif together. Last night, according to the elder girls, Mercedes kissed the little boy. This just proves that they had not watched the 'Just Wait' Bluefish TV clip that we had watched. Another peice of proof was that they were both trying to climb into the dolls cot together!

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