Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Last Day Of Winter

Gee what a busy life I lead, sometimes.
Today we took the family into the city, on the train and I was surprised by how well they behaved on the train. For the first half of the trip they just sat there, and the second half they either climbed over me, cuddled up to me and stood up leaning against a partition. It was the best behaved I have ever seen them on a train. Also, Merc told me on that train trip, that she was 'poopy' in our special signal (just like she did now).
Once there it was a quick shuffle up through the traffic, it was out into the open and a short walk to the meeting point. Hubby had gone in earlier for a meeting with the bank and we were to follow a little bit later in order to get cheaper tickets and to accomodate for the time it takes me to get 5 people ready.
Once out in the open, inbetween sky scrapers, the kids had a ball chasing after the pigeons and ibis'. Merc though did not like the ibis as they were the same size as she is and a little too close for her liking. She needed a cuddle after meeting them. Hubby then met us after the kids had unsuccessfully tried to not look like they were feeding the birds with their snacks. It was then off to see the accountant, learn about how they used his sperm helped get his wife pregnant (through artificial methods) and sign some papers, fix up some address errors. Dirty nappy discovered, toilets found, friendly mints discovered and discouraged and a short trip back to the grass and birds.
Miranda tried to 'talk' to the pigeons and got most upset when Jade chased them off, there were running races across the small patch of grass that was dotted with people on a smoke break and tourists. Hubby came down, got involved in a conversation on the phone (business related) and then we headed for lunch.
Lunch was good, the kids sat quietly and ate while we (mainly hubby) headed around to the various shop fronts to look for lunch to be had. Nothing appealed to me so in the end i tried some turkish crisps with garlic sauce. At the begining they were nice and easay to eat but by the end I was glad they were over. They were nice but a bit too 'fried' for me.
On the way back to the train station we stopped in at a war memorial for the ANZAC (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) memorial site, checked it out, explained a little to the girls and headed into the train station.
This was again a pretty uneventful trip with well behaved girls, apart from the fact that Erin liked to chew the gum she found under the seat (ick. It was quickly removed from her), and Merc bashed her head into the hard back of another and now has a shiner (bruise) on the left side of her head, near her eye.
After the train it was off home, though some smart individual had parked their car too close behind my big one that it was a difficult task to get out without hitting it. No hubby, I did not hit it. I did, however, have to do something like a 10 point turn and actually reverse out to the main through road (in the carpark). At least it was a shady carpark so the car was cool when we got to it.
That's about it, apart from the fact that hubby has rigged up the bike so i can ride it in front of the computer and not go anywhere. Guess I will get to watch a few movies on the computer now, using the excuse that I am exercising.

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