Saturday, August 27, 2005


Pondering Princess Lessons

Quite a while ago (maybe a month or two) Hula Doula mentioned that her daughter goes to Princess Lessons. Every now and then the thought of teaching some 'Princess' skills to my girls seems like a good idea. Especially when the burping contests start.
They think burping and farting is hilarious, and sometimes it can be!
So, we are going to learn to be little ladies, sitting with our legs together, being neatly dressed, etc etc.
Though, finding a site to help us proves a little difficult.

Ideas so far
  • will have a cape and crown (maybe a scepter) awarded to the princess of the day/week
  • I plan on getting a real tiara (with thanks to my mum's bridal shop discount shelf)
  • refresh please and thankyou
  • have a star chart, maybe
  • how to sit when wearing a skirt
  • how to set a table
  • how to address people
  • posture
Any more helpful hints and tips would greatly be appreciated as I have don't know anywhere near me that offers such classes.

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