Friday, August 05, 2005


A Time To Write

I thought it was about time that I actually wrote something in here instead of just posting pictures. The pictures are great memories in themself but could never say truely what was on my mind when taking them.
Sunsets - I love taking photos of sunsets because they are always varied, the colours are vibrant or just plain delicate, the day is cooling down and always feels refreshing.

Dragons - I have a feeling that 'Big Boy' is not a boy but a girl. The colouring, lack of 'bumps' in the right places and the fact that s/he seems to be putting on weight seem to point to being a girl. The weight isn't much but I have noticed that s/he doesn't eat as much as the others yet s/he has grown quite considerably since they arrived.
I have looked and looked but have not found much if anything about breeding central netted dragons so I have referred to beareded dragon information. The information there has given me some insight, and I just hope it is in the right direction.
The other dragons are growing well but seem a little more sleepy, which is fine by me as it is their usual hibernation time.

Kids - They are certainly still here. Erin is trying to grow up, but she is also trying to stay a baby, like Mercedes is. I think she is having a hard time of growing up and just wants to be the baby of the family. She is a little more demanding then she used to be but she isn't throwing nearly as many tantrums as she used to. She still needs her cuddles.

I know when Jade needs her cuddles as she will ask to sit in my lap while she does her school work. She is doing well at her work and I can see her progressing well with it all. We have finally moved from the ABC's (phonic based) to the advanced lessons. Well, the advanced lessons start next week, and this week we have been dealing with catch-ups and introducing her to new bits of work (english PACE's). When we started her latest english PACE she was given a dot to dot to do. The instructions simply stated ' Draw a line from A to Z'. So that is what she did, a line from A to Z. No other letters were included. I guess she did that peice of work correctly.

is going slowly in her work and we seem to be struggling a bit in maths and word building. She has absolutely no problem in reading or doing work with numbers but the sheer amount of work she has been given (40 maths questions per page) seems to be daunting to her and she dawdles, slacking off. When it comes to word building she can retain her words when she concentrates. What I do to help this is make her write up funny stories using the words she is meant to study. It seems to help.

is growing up and was quite proud of her acheivement today at being able to peel a mandarin (with a little help). She also likes to help with the laundry and dishes, which can sometimes mean more work for me. At least she is trying to help and saying thankyou when I say it to her. She is a little cutie but I wish she would sleep better at night as her frequent waking is tiring me out!

I am just trying to get some art done, housework done, sewing past the thought process, kids dressed, cook gourmet meals out of not much.
I am also trying to get a new website up and going (with a LOT of help from hubby), which will be bigger and better and with a better colour scheme then this page.
Speaking of food, I need to go prepare dinner, and sew up a pony if I can find something to cook in the oven instead of on the stove.

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