Friday, August 26, 2005


Ya' Think?

He wakes up and goes to check his emails
He comes home from a client(working most of the time on their PCs) and goes to check his emails
He arrives 5 minutes after dinner is served because he had things to do on the computer
I go to bed and he is still on the computer
He gets upset when we don't structure our free time around his diaried computer free time
He has a 12 hour LAN at least once month (one he runs, sometimes, though rarely, goes to others)
He brings a laptop to the media room so he can do 'work' and chat to others while watching TV (I had to turn up the sound to cover the beeping and clacking of keys).
He is served lunch at the pc
He skips breakfast because he is on the PC (or gets it brought to him)
He relaxes on the PC (plays games)

He does however help put the kids to bed (when he is home)
He does encourage outside play
He does earn the money for the household (government doesnt' pay enough)
He does keep fit by playing sports 2-3 times a week
He does meet people
He does get involved in lots of things

So, do you think he is a PC-aholic?

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