Friday, September 09, 2005


Exercise Is For The Birds

I am worn out. After a night of little or disturbed sleep, the walk to the shops and back, I am worn out.
Normally I would not be so tired after a walk to the shops but today I am, because I wanted to sleep in and not have to take hubby to the train station at 7am this morning. Mercedes kept me up till 2am because she just wouldn't sleep, then I got 4 hours of deep sleep (still with a mummy ear on the hear out if the kids need me, as per normal) before I was woken up to the sound of duel alarms going, to ensure hubby got up on time. Then it was 6.45am when the sleep was once again disturbed and I told hubby that he could take the car since I wanted to sleep and all the kids were still asleep.
Probably 5 minutes after he left, Jade was up so I sent her to her pc so I could try to get some more sleep. 5 minutes later she was back stating she was having problems so out I came, half asleep and trying to work out what the problem was. I was not up to thinking too much about it so we restarted the pc and I did what I normally don't do, and put her in front of morning cartoons so I could get some more rest. It is now 7.25am.
8am I finally get up for the morning because I couldn't sleep any longer due to the baby calling out for "Mah-nee" from her cot. And when that didn't work, she called "Dah-ee". I discovered by this time that all the kids were up and moving, at least up and watching early morning cartoons, so I rounded them up, made them have breakfast (half of which is still on the table) and realised that I did not have the pram and it would be a long walk to the shops this morning.
When it came time for the walk I hunted high and low for the baby back pack and it's clip on satchel. It was right under the fish tanks, in plain view.
By this stage we had already had one bike accident with Jade falling off her bike on a neighbouring property. There was a slight scrape but that was enough for her to not want to ride her bike now. Miranda still wanted to ride though.
Miranda's bike tyres were flat also so we had to pump them up. When I say flat, I mean flat as in no air what so ever in them with an awfully difficult to get to air valve which had to be attached somehow to a manual bike pump that took a lot of tries to get right and work. Once that was done, I was done.
But we still went on with our planned walk.
Mercedes in the back pack, Erin and Jade walking, and Miranda on her bike, we headed off. We had only just got around the corner and there was another incident. Miranda accidently rode into Erin, who was running along the pathway!
The posty was in between myself and the kids so she waited for me to catch up before heading back onto her rounds.
Erin was such a brave girl, she only cried a little bit. It took about 5 minutes before all of her scraps and cuts showed up and yet she didn't want to be carried to the shops (a good thing). So she walked, blood trickling down her leg, angry red scraps showing up on both of her knees, legs, her left shoulder (and back of her arm) and possibly on the back of her head (she complained about hitting that also). She was such a brave girl and even though we were only around the corner from home, she didn't want to go back home.
The rest of the trip there was surprisingly uneventful, medication was bought at the chemist (for hubby), bandaids bought as well as a reward for the hard walkers and injured one.
The trip home was longer then the trip there as I had Mercedes in the back pack, with it's satchel on, and Erin on the front. She is a light weight ( lbs) but I couldn't carry her easily due to the back pack so it was a long walk home with only a few small bursts of wanting to walk from Erin.
So now we are home, the lack of sufficient sleep is catching up on me and all rewards have been consumed so I am trying to work out ways I can just sit here today and not do a lot. Unfortunately I still have the laundry to do, dishes to do and I promised the girls we would make caramel slice today.

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