Monday, September 05, 2005


Gardens : Part 7

Our garden is going quite well.
The strawberries are producing heaps of fruit, though it is usually eaten before it gets in the house. We have pulled out the snow peas, since they weren't producing that well due to the close proximity to each other and the mass of snow pea plants were just causing a huge tangled mess. These have either been dug into the ground (for their nitrogen containing properties) or put into the compost heap.
The beans are still producing but are a little slow, and getting old so they will probably go soon to make way for different vegetables. I have however, planted some pea seeds in another part of the garden with a row of lettuce seeds. I hope these take as I haven't had much luck with our mini green houses.
I am thinking of planting some wheat in the bare patches of the garden, just to provide some green and then, when they are big enough, produce a natural mulch. We will have to see how that goes.
Our cucumbers are going great and you can watch the baby cucumbers growing bigger all the time. It is interesting how spikey they are to start with and how they soon start producing smooth areas as it grows bigger.
The herbs are all huge, and the corriander and basil are both flowering. I can imagine there will be baby herb plants popping up all around there soon.
Our flowers are magnificant, especially the daisies as there seem to be more and more open each day.

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