Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Looking At The Good In The Bad

This is not always an easy thing to do, especially today.

Bad - a hole was put in the wall
Good - I have the know how and materials to fix it

Bad - no one will own up to making the hole in the wall (the culprit owned up)
Good - I won't have to find something to do while they are at girls brigade tonight if they don't own up. If they don't own up, we stay home. (We get to go to girls brigade and I get to go shopping)

Bad - Merc is still sick
Good - She is improving, I can see that

Bad - The rubbish bin was knocked over
Good - This was after the rubbish was collected, so there was no mess to clean up

Bad - It is threatening to rain and hubby had a dream about it raining, he was driving our current car and he had an accident.
Good - It hasn't come true yet and we pick up our new car tomorrow

Bad - There are mice in the house
Good - We have caught 10 of the little blighters over the last few weeks

Bad - There were maggots on the dining room floor this morning, they came out of the vaccum cleaner
Good - We cleaned them up and the vaccum cleaner

Bad - I only got one load of laundry done today
Good - I got one load of laundry done today and got the previous load in before it rained

Bad - I am tired
Good - We have vanilla coke!

Mercedes is still asleep (lunch time nap) so I better get to work and catch up on what I haven't been able to do. I hope it rains today, and I don't really care if it rains on my laundry or not!

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