Friday, September 30, 2005


Newsy Stuff

  • The kids and I watched 'Survivor' tonight and the kids declared that they wanted to play 'Survivor' tomorrow. They want the face paints, the feathers and the games. Jade even grabbed a long sleeved shirt of her own and tied it around herself as a scarf and then did the same with a pair of tracksuit pants to Erin. I just hope they calm down soon and sleep. I promised the girls that I would make them 'Survivor' scarfs if they went to bed well tonight. I hope it works.
  • Miranda found a 4 leaf clover in our garden today. I let the clover grow in our garden as the dragons like to eat it, and when she was collecting clover, she found it. Unfortunately, I couldn't take a pic of it as our camera is broken, and hubby's phone was with him at a client. (I only have a plain, simple mobile phone with a torch on it instead of a camera) We have carefully flattened it and wrapped it in a paper towel and put it away for safe keeping.
  • Miranda made the kids dinner tonight. She made pizza and the only help I gave was to cut up the ham and cut up the pizza at the end. Oh, and the instructions on how to assemble it.

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