Thursday, September 15, 2005


On My Knees

That is Mercedes main purpose this afternoon. To keep me on my knees. The little cute cuddly bubs has constantly tipped out her chips after I pick them up for her (a treat) and then grins cheekily at me. I have since stopped picking up the chips and she is currently ignoring them while playing with her sister's horses.
She has demanded, though in a quiet voice and cheeky grins, my attention ever since she woke up. Just as well I had finished the cutting out of some kids clothes.
I am making some pj pants for Erin for her birthday. Birthday jammies. And I hope to make her a dress also. This production of clothes all depends on me being able to buy the right coloured threads.
Well, time to stop here as the bubs is now getting into her sisters purse and playing with her money!

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