Friday, September 23, 2005



Mercedes is sick. She had a temperature of 40.2 degrees celsius (104.36 f) before (just over an hour ago), and then when i just tested her now she was down to 38.4 degrees celsius(101.12). Thank goodness for nurofen. She is now eating (half a strawberry) and drinking again so this is a good sign, and my hands are free and she is awake.
The kids were good earlier, when her temperature reached it's high. They turned on the fan, aimed it at her and then fanned her, themselves, with a paper plate and a book.
I may put her mattress beside our bed tonight, just to keep an eye on her throughout the night, but then, I guess, that will decide on how she goes now.
Right now it is time to put the kids to bed and clean up after dinner.
Ugh, loud bangs from kids room....

Update : She is now running around laughing and the flushed look to her has gone. She isn't a beetroot anymore.

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