Wednesday, September 14, 2005



I stand at the kitchen window, watching the sky grow gradually darker. My hands are wrinkled from being submersed in hot water and scrubbing long over due pots.
I look up, the sky there is darker then the rest, my view obscured by the awnings of the house, but still I can see enough to know that dusk is here, and night shall soon be upon us.
I ponder picking up the camera to take a shot, but once again the sky is cloudless, and the camera batteries need recharging. This one shall slip by without a shot. The thought of taking this picture reminds me of the other beautiful sunsets that I have taken in the past, when the clouds have been low, and fat, bringing colour to the darkening sky.
My thoughts once again return to the scene in front of me, watching the pale orange hues on the horizon deepen in colour, blending with the pale blue which is just above this orange line, and as it finally melds into the dark, deep, rich blue above us.
I cannot see the spot where the sun now sets but I can see it in my mind's eye, the golden light that frames the hills and the trees which jut out at odd angles, creating interest to a seemingly familiar scene of a cloudless dusk.
I look now, through a crack in the curtains, the sky growing darker, the pale blue deepening as the orange has almost faded from view. The trees are black against their darkening background, painting the horizon.
Once again the night starts with the beauty of a sunset.

Now if only I could be up early enough, and in the right place to see the sunrise. Then again, maybe not!

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