Friday, September 16, 2005


War Of The Worlds

Hubby and I watched that movie (War of the Worlds) the other night.

I am writing about it because, this afternoon during a blackout, the clouds near our place reminded me of the clouds in the begining of the movie. They were dark grey and circular(not swirling though), the wind was blowing and right in the centre was a patch of light. Unfortunately by the time I ran back to get the camera, the clouds had changed and lost their War of the Worlds look.
On the subject of War of the Worlds, the movie. It was a good movie, though I think it focused more on how to people reacted then what was actually happening. Sure, the tripods were there and in sight but the reactions of the people was what, I thought, was mostly focused on.

- When Tom Cruise and his two kids are at the end of the journey in the car, surrounded by an angry mob wanting to take the car. When they eventually get out and away from the car, the person who took the car is shot dead and the car is then taken from him.
- In the basement of a broken down house just after Tom let his son go so that he could save his daughter, and the scene that went on down there with the other guy in there. Then after Tom 'sacrificed' the life of the other man in order to keep the peace and save his daughter from the aliens, how the tripods still took his daughter and his reactions to it all.

Of course I haven't read the book yet but hubby does have it here. I should probably add it to my list to read and then compare the two.
But I suppose, there is a certain amount of creative freedom that comes when changing written words into movie form. You can't film everything and then you have to choose what appeals most to the audience.

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