Sunday, September 11, 2005


Your Comments Answered

Wishing you a big second wind...

and are those real boots with flowers in them?
Philip | Homepage | 09.09.05 - 11:53 am | #

Yes, those boots are real, and they are at my mother-in-laws house (in New Zealand). She loves to garden, as does my father-in-law.
We did end up finding some more energy that day, especially since the bubs allowed me to have a rest and we also did make our caramel slice. It is very yummy and I hope to get another peice before hubby eats it all.


Absolutely fantastic work! I must pick your brain sometime for some tips!
djuggler | Homepage | 09.08.05 - 2:50 pm | #

Thanks Doug. It wasn't too hard especially since we got some great software when we purchased our tablet. I used nik color efex pro 2.0. I think the software is a bit old and that is why it was included with the tablet, but I still like what it can do. Using the pen with the tablet made it a lot easier to get the fine detail just right.
I particularly like the last picture, of the flower bud on grey leaves.


This is absolutely a fantastic list!!! You go girl!
Hula Doula | Homepage | 09.05.05 - 12:42 am | #

Thanks. It was your post that inspired it. We now have tiaras for each of the three bigger girls. My mum gave us a 'family discount' when i bought them from her bridal shop. Now what I need to do is practice what I preach!


Thank you for the beautiful sunset pix! Breath - taking!
g-man | Homepage | 08.30.05 - 12:07 am | #


Hey, thanks for stopping by. I am glad you like the sunset pictures, I absolutely love them, They are always different and so vibrant and difficult to capture at the right moment. The sun goes down so quickly here that you do not really have time to think if you want to get that good shot in before it become too dark.


There have bee other comments also but I am terrible at replying and they were ages ago. Sorry to those who never received a reply but know that I appreciate every comment you have given me.


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