Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Almost Ready

to give up!
It seems that everytime I clean up, it then is messed up.
eg. The kids bathroom. I gave them explicit instructions to keep it tidy and the water in the bath.
They almost emptied the bath water to the floor, covered the mirror, bench, cupboards and floor (plus baby who wasn't in the bath) in bubbles!
I guess it could have been worse and i could have given them bath crayons instead!
Now all that I have left to do, before tomorrow mornings inspection, is the miles and miles of tiles (sweep and mop), 2 bathrooms, tidy my WIR, tidy the floors, make dinner (or at least point in the right direction), clean windows if i desperately think they need doing plus half a million other small jobs that escape my mind at the moment.
Did I mention it was already 5pm?

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